the WATER, & the sower

The WATER & the Sower (07/20-08/20) was a 24/hour live stream exhibition
showing works of sculpture, assemblage & performance in states of constant change & reconfiguration 
through a series of algorithimcally controlled webcams
Exhibition design & artworks: Cristina Planas & Adam Basanta

A con/currency

This iteration will be
of Water as
as irrigation, and amiotic fluid,
as an optimised environment for growth
and base condition for life 

We begin at the end
with the debris of packaged commodity
and move towards distillation as a process of reification
in a continuous stream that is con/current
with the realities, worlds and materials around us

It is a filmmaking that sculpts
depositing meanings along the way
that never quite solidify

To make sculpture that ebbs & flows, spills-over and evaporates,
without attempt at fixity or permanence
through a limited vocabulary of action and iteration.

To flow is to resist, and to follow is to learn
How to contain the uncontainable?
How to resist that desire?



Adam Basanta, Window configurations