What is this place?
                                the following statement was written in collaboration with Adam Basanta during the WATER & the Sower cycle

Espace Brutale is a modular, mutating and migrating dissemination platform
          for ephemeral, immaterial and time-based action. 


a non-space for non-exhibitions,
works of
          perpetual processing
                                                                                                                   mediated through online space.

works of
         pro-formance doesn’t necessitate an audience
         pro-formance is the outcome of action-spurred growth
                 occurring through attentiveness to improvisatory impulse
                                                                action-spurred growth creates bodies & systems
When specific needs intersect with process, the outcome, or the occurence is a pro-formance.
                                                                                                A pro-formance’s life, growth, and death are not external pressures operating onto a “work”,
                                                                                                they are an underlying condition at its genesis.

a ground for the conditions of becoming

It is what it is (and isnt)

Neither an exhibition, nor residency, nor performance, although equally it is not none of those things.

                                                    It exposes the frayed edges between media architecture, art-making, and Self-construction
            spotlit by a harsh light that illuminates the brutality of change and evolution

eyes, ears, and                                     body 

Physical distancing, bandwidth, and online communication become subsumed as prompts and infrastructure. They are understood as modular material interfaces in the blurred fields of creation, perception, and dissemination.

Seeking extra-bodiliness in lieu of in-person experience,                                                                Art and art-making is viewed through strange angles and apparatus, overlapping physical and temporal viewpoints and a sequencing of temporal flows. As limits and potentials of the viewing experience, these are correlates to a physical architecture, albeit one in constant flux.

                                                                            This is
not a response to
the new    

     but a coming-to-terms 

In a time when memory of social gathering and the memory of gathering as a viral phenomena co-exist,
in a time when forced virtuality dovetails with previously voluntary virtualization
                                                    we engage collective bodies through online platforms
complicating viewer/voyeur-ship,
and blurring forms of agency, spectatorship & participation

The role of fiction,

a space co-created
by semi-fictionalisations of artists and practitioners.                  

An architecture

of the self                  

navigating internal & affective infrastructures

Poesis as in poetry and    
                                                        also poiesis 

as in bringing something into being
Exploring thematic po/i/esis as curatorial practice
The current cycle is of                                  WATER