Where is this place?

It’s that way

Over there?

Yes, it’s that way.

But you just said it was that way.

Sure that works too.

Ok I see.. In any case, what’s happening here?

I’m just searching for something.

Do you know what it is?

I’m not sure, sometimes I feel I do.
Most of the time I find myself having forgotten.

Do you remember now?

I get flashbacks every once in a while.

When do those happen?

Oh it depends.
Usually not when i’m very occupied though.
Like when I find a long
To Do list laying around then I’m occupied for a while and I go on forgetting.
For hours most of the time, sometimes my To Do lists last me days.. They’ve lasted weeks too.
years even.

In fact I probably spent most of my life occupied and forgetful..

Where did you come from?

I forgot that too.
I’ll remember when I know.

What are you gonna do here?

I’m working on a project.

What’s the project, can you speak about it?

Sure, i’ll give it a go. Sometimes I get them confused.

You have more than one?

Sure, or like maybe it’s the same one coming from different ends of the spectrum.

What do you mean?

Well the project I have in mind, it often triggers the flashbacks.

Well what is it?

It’s sort of a film I think. Except for instead of being linear it’s more like a cycle.

Why sort of?

Only because I don’t know whether or not I’ll film it.
Like maybe I can act them out and then document them somehow, or maybe simply enacting them is enough.

Why would you do that?

Well cause I think the point is to go through these films. Like to go through them and be churned out the other end. Sort of like those machines that they use to make sausage stuffing out of meat.What’s the word for that again? Can you Google —
sorry my forgetfulness is getting the better of me


A grinder

Of course, a grinder.

Yeah like these films are gonna grind me up and process me.

So you’ll come out of it in a different form?

Yeah I guess so, or I guess I’ll come out of it as substance. 

And what’s this other project you get it confused with?

The other project looks more like a brand or a corporation or something.

Are they competing ideas?

I’m not sure if they are ideas.. 

Then what are they

One is a question mark, maybe an open ended one. The other feels like an answer.. I’m not sure I trust the latter.

Why not?

Because it sounds familiar to me, but it also doesn’t sound like my own project.

What does it sound like?

Mhmm it sounds like heels clicking across a marble floor,
or a little like the smell of white paint and bleach.

Sorry just a sec the light bulb is flickering let me just..
Oh sorry mind your eyes it might take them some adjusting

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing’s wrong per se, I just can’t verify the source of the answer.
Come to think of it I don’t think they’re competing ideas, maybe there’s just interference amongst them. Sometimes they cancel each other out…

That’s ok. So do you live here?

Well I guess I’m here a lot. Working here, performing here.

So it’s your studio space?

The space is influenced by it being my studio.
I make things here,
I practice.
To Do lists don’t seem to work in here, so there’s not much to occupy me.
I often get flashbacks when I’m in here. Usually when I move or perform.

Who do you perform for?

The roaches, the mice.

ahaha, for real though?

I was only half joking,
I perform for the ones that perdure.

But I don’t know I don’t have an audience really.. I’ve been thinking about this term recently..
I think that’s closer to what I’m doing in here.

What does that mean?

With pro-formance I don’t know if you need an audience, and I guess the point is practice and process. Like I guess it’s another version of the meat-grinder. 

There’s an aspect of production  combined

or it’s like growth or change spurred on by action, but there’s a forming aspect to it.

So I guess this space is like setting the grounds for that to happen.

And are you doing this alone?

Sure. I’m also working with friends, people I know.
Like with Adam. We’ve been collaborating on setting it up as a streaming platform online. 

Adam will be here doing a residency for a few weeks.

I'm working through improvisation and immediacy. It’s something I wanted to do when I started competing in boxing matches. There’s something about the preparation, the leaps of faith, the tension between culture and strategy, structure and freedom, and being in and out of control. Like every boxing match is a new thing, and you never know what’s gonna happen. You have to be with it always, and the answers never come from where you expect. They hardly ever come from me at all I’m realising..  I always wondered why we couldn’t enter a gallery space in that way. Why exhibitions, installations, artworks couldn’t be ongoing. Why art couldn’t be as gripping, as impactful, as precarious as boxing or life itself. I guess I want a living space. I want a space that’s in relation. 

So it’s a gallery space?

It’s influenced by it being a gallery space. And I guess that’s a useful concept, I use that word to make it easier for myself, mainly when I’ve forgotten again. And I guess I’ll be showing work in here, my own, and other peoples’, we might even sell some things.  

You’ll be selling art?

Yes art, also services and other objects.

What kind?

Oh it depends. Some people have enquired. I’m open to all types of services. I have done some creative consulting in the past, but I also offer coaching and guidance to my friends, or people who want some help remembering. I don’t see why I couldn’t be paid for that.

I’ll also be hosting pro-formances, shows, workshops, talks..

And is it tied to this place, this location?

It’s tied to the place of the project.  The meat grinder.
But laying down roots here would be like trying to grow in the shade. My mother’s design studio used to be on the top floor of this building. I guess that’s where some of the signals are being crossed. Like the interference across projects. I guess everyone’s work has its own series of casualties. Being here again is symbolic as I both resist and surrender, un/learn and integrate various spheres of influence.

Will it be open to the public?

Well yes it’s an open process. It’s streaming online at the moment. You can tune in and see what’s happening 24/7. Most of the work is mundane and repetitive and pretty silent. But there will be action, and there will be relics.
You can view them through unrealistic angles, composite spaces, and a sequencing of temporal flows.

Will the work be viewable in person? IRL?

For now we’ve subsumed physical distancing,  bandwidth, and online communication as prompts and infrastructure.
It’s sort of like an “extra-body experience”, so in lieu In lieu of social gathering we want to engage collective bodies through online platforms.
I guess in that sense you could say it’s a dissemination platform.

It complicates viewer/voyeur-ship,
and blurs forms of agency, spectatorship & participation

There might be some openings to view in person further down the line.. we’ll see how it goes, 

It seems like you’re intent on showing the inner workings. How come?

There’s something about exposing the frayed edges of media architecture, art-making, and Self-construction that I find compelling.

            It’s a harsh light that illuminates the brutality of change and evolution, and also the contradictions of selfhood. ...

Do you have a program lined up?

I have things in mind. I have friends, artists, practitioners I want to invite.

Like collaborators?

Yes and like co-conspirors.
I guess as long as the mutations are happening then the space will be working.

What are you conspiring?

Well that’s what I keep forgetting. I’m getting better at remembering. I’m working to remember.